Making our knowledge your advantage


LOTAN has developed an effective, proven, threat-focused approach to Home Land Security. Based on the optimization of accepted security models, lessons learned in the field and fast adaptation to dynamically-changing circumstances.
  • Risk Analysis
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Technology Implementation
  • Identification of Threat Criteria
  • Establishing Operating Procedures


Applying years of team experience, LOTAN has developed unique programs for design, training and equipping of Special Forces on land and sea.
  • SWAT
  • Coast Guard
  • Special Equipment
  • Full Transfer of Knowledge


LOTAN experts provide valuable strategic and tactical solutions to governmental and commercial entities in the battle on modern-day crime and terrorism. Our services focus on three main components: Consulting, Training and Technology assessment offering our clients a professional end to end service.


At LOTAN, we perform HLS and Defense projects for governments, companies and individuals across the US, Asia, Asia Pacific &Europe.

Our services include concept design, strategic consulting, training, implementation and supervision as part of full turn-key projects including customized design of technological solutions.


International Air Transport Association (IATA) and BeST (Be-Strategic Solutions) to Offer New War-Gaming and Table Top Exercise Computerized Platform called Scenario.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and BeST (Be-Strategic Solutions) signed an agreement on 5th July to collaborate for the purpose of generating customized Simulations for the Aviation Industry using a computer-based program called SCENARIO.
SCENARIO is intended to immerse participants in simulated and interactive scenarios and help organizations to: Effectively map out and evaluate risks by simulating unpredicted factors Improve the efficiency of risk management by regular rehearsal of crisis response plans SCENARIO – presents a unique opportunity for organizations to enhance their decision-making process and evaluate preparedness.  Participants in the gaming process operate in a virtual surrounding, which simulates unexp...
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