Making our knowledge your advantage


LOTAN has developed an effective, proven, threat-focused approach to Home Land Security. Based on the optimization of accepted security models, lessons learned in the field and fast adaptation to dynamically-changing circumstances.
  • Risk Analysis
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Technology Implementation
  • Identification of Threat Criteria
  • Establishing Operating Procedures


Applying years of team experience, LOTAN has developed unique programs for design, training and equipping of Special Forces on land and sea.
  • SWAT
  • Coast Guard
  • Special Equipment
  • Full Transfer of Knowledge


LOTAN experts provide valuable strategic and tactical solutions to governmental and commercial entities in the battle on modern-day crime and terrorism. Our services focus on three main components: Consulting, Training and Technology assessment offering our clients a professional end to end service.


At LOTAN, we perform HLS and Defense projects for governments, companies and individuals across the US, Asia, Asia Pacific &Europe.

Our services include concept design, strategic consulting, training, implementation and supervision as part of full turn-key projects including customized design of technological solutions.


The Emergency Alert System Dilemma: How can authorities leverage technological advancements to aid (and not diminish) strategic disaster risk reduction endeavors?

People across the globe have come to rely heavily on technology, which has proven to be an exceedingly effective tool for wireless emergency alert systems. Wireless emergency alert systems can take a number of forms, but primarily use cell tower and Internet pathways to notify the public on a variety of emergency situations by sending text alerts to mobile phones.
During the wildfire outbreak in California in December, 2017, authorities sent emergency alerts to over 22 million cellphones. During Hurricane Irma in September 2017 and Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, emergency alerts informed millions of people on changes to the storms’ strengths and trajectories. The efficacy of emergency alert systems is generally acknowledged yet not without scrutiny. On Saturday, January 13, 2018, a false alert sent to cellphones across Hawaii sent hundreds of thousan...
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