Strategic Gaming

In an ever changing world, organizations must respond quickly and effectively to its challenges in order to survive. They must be able to:

  • Predict the meaning of future challenges.
  • Develop comprehensive response practices and procedures.
  • Examine the quality of preparedness.
  • Train and Practice their employees to be prepared.
  • Examine new management concepts and strategies.


Lotan Strategic Gaming engages people to develop new skills, ideas and practices while using Game based learning thus putting theory into practice in a fail-safe environment.lotan-strategic-gaming-logo-for-web

Our game-based learning methodology develops strategic thinking and effective strategic deployment as part of a holistic  approach to the organization’s challenges.

for whom is Strategic Gaming useful?

  1. Banking
  2. Tourism
  3. Aviation
  4. Government
  5. Schools
  6. Private firms

In short…

Anyone who wants to improve his organization’s ability to make good decisions

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