Is the perception of preparedness conducive – or threatening – to preparedness?

In today’s fast-paced and evolving world, both individuals and businesses rarely have as much resources at their disposal as they would like. Across the globe, people are overworked, operations are overloaded and budgets are constrained. So why should we prepare for crises that may not ever occur?

Because being prepared for threats to which you and your business are vulnerable could save human and financial resources tenfold in the future.

BeST would like to welcome Chelsea Zfaz to their team. Chelsea comes from the field of disaster management and has been deployed to a number of countries as part of international emergency response missions.

“Throughout my time working in emergency response, I noticed a trend recurring with nearly everyone I worked with- from government ministers to tribal chiefs- people are pic12rarely as prepared for disasters as they think they are. Experiencing this reality in various disaster zones with so many different stakeholders really sparked my interest in strategic disaster preparedness.”

We cannot prevent all disasters from occurring, but we can reduce our vulnerability to relevant threats and mitigate potential damage and loss of life. The key ingredients to handling any disaster are training and coordination.

Herein lies the innovative value of the BeST system; it prepares individuals and businesses to deal with any crisis by refining decision-making processes and confronting critical strategic dilemmas.

 “In my opinion, one of the most valuable features of the system is its ability to map discrepancies in individual and organizational policy and practice. By tracking differences in organizations’ perceptions of how they will behave in crisis compared to how they actually behave, BeST offers a rare window into organizational learning and development, thus enhancing personal, departmental and organizational problem-solving behaviors and crisis management capacity”.

real Interaction

real Interaction



Expected Interaction

Expected Interaction

 When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed. Prepare for tomorrow today.

Call us to learn more about BeST and to organize a demonstration.

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