Every Minute Counts…

“The hack at Hollywood Presbyterian forced doctors to use pen and paper in an age of computerization. News reports said its fax lines were jammed because normal e-mail communication was unavailable, and some emergency patients had to be diverted to other hospitals. Investigators said administrators were so alarmed that they may have paid ransom first and called police later”   http://www.reuters.com/article/us-california-hospital-cyberattack-idUSKCN0VS05M


In an age, where we rightfully spend huge amounts of resources in preventing attacks, organizations seldom examine their ability to deal with the consequences once the attack has taken place.

But the truth is that business continuity shouldn’t rely only on our ability to prevent the malicious intent from happening, but should also be based on the first few minutes or even hours of how our personnel will react to the threat.

As upper management plan for these events, they should ask themselves a few questions:

  1. Did we invest in reaction and not only prevention?
  2. Are our people prepared for these threats?
  3. Are we as upper management prepared? Do we know how we are going to react?

Unfortunately, in many cases the answer is no.

I agree with all those that are raising an eyebrow as they read this post saying that prevention is crucial and we should be investing in that domain, but let’s put it as it is. You are not going to prevent all the threats from happening, so you better start working on your contingency planning and understanding of how your organization is preparing for these…

You should start by:

  1. seeing your contingency plans are in place
  2. auditing
  3. testing all those involved
  4. practicing together
  5. war-gaming

I believe in all of these as preparation to events, because through them, you canlearn how your organization is prepared for predefined events, you canlearn how your organization “thinks” during crisis which in turn effects your decision making process and in many cases shows you how your organization deals with the unexpected.

So, I suggest that the next time you sit down with people from your organization, examine their reactions to different events and maybe even prepare a war-gaming program, because when the threat materializes, every minute counts towards saving lives, infrastructure and eventually money.

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Happy Chinese New Year of The Monkey


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War Gaming Simulation together with GIMI

Lotan Group is proud to announce the completion of another Strategic Decision Making Simulation using our computerized “BeST” system (Be-Strategic.solutions).Simulating For Perfection

The simulation was held by the Galilee International management institute in the North of Israel as part of the annual courses in national Security and Mass Crisis Management.

The simulation dealing with the management of a National Disaster Crisis included 30 students from the National Security and Crisis and Mass Disaster Management courses been held at the time.

The full day simulation was considered a great success by all participants  as can be seen in the following testimonials

  • “Excellent learning experience because it taught us how to make a decision in uncertain situation in stressful time”
  • ” the war gaming was replicating real pressure on individual and understanding that during emergence there are a lot of agencies involves and stakeholder need to interact with each other”
  • ” Brilliant way of understanding the reality of managing a conflict through a war gaming”
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War Gaming Simulation in Europe

We are proud to say that we have concluded another Strategic Gaming simulation in Europe. The war-gaming simulation using our computerized platform BeST (see the movie) was considered a great success with participants from the Aviation and Banking sector dealing Simulating For Perfectionwith several dilemmas in the Cyber domain.

BeST – (http://be-strategic.solutions) presents a unique opportunity for organizations to enhance their decision making processes and evaluate preparedness.  Participants in the gaming process operate in a virtual surrounding, which simulates future challenges. The game reflects prevailing operational procedures designed to confront critical strategic dilemmas. The participating players represent competitors, suppliers, rivals, experts, government authorities, media outfits etc. The unique interactive nature of the strategic gaming simulation creates a dynamic learning experience, accessible from multiple locations, providing a cost effective and modular solution

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Lotan Announces Partnership with IVRI from Italy

Lotan Group is proud to announce its partnership with IVRI, Istituti di Vigilanza Riuniti d’Italia (http://www.ivri.it/ ), who are a leader in the security field throughout Italy, with specific expertise in the design of integrated services of surveillance, transport of ivrivaluables, and the operation of alarm systems.

IVRI specialize in the design of exclusive services for the protection of homes, individuals, companies and public places such as airports, ports, banks and retail outlets.

The partnership with IVRI is an important factor for growth and development for our company as we continue to expand our services in Europe.

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Happy Holidays from all of us at LOTAN Group

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Surprising the Attacker – Proactive Security

Every age has its own kind of war


 “Water has no constant shape, war has no constant dynamic

(Sun Tzu)

The million dollar question every security officer asks himself on a daily basis is “who is

Russian plane crash

Russian plane crash

the attacker” And even more importantly, how can we identify and stop them?

As for the “Who?” there are many answers to these questions; extreme jihadist, political derived movements and even drug cartels,

And as to the “How?” the most effective system is to focus our efforts on High Potential Risk persons.

The fact is that the modern adversary adopts guerilla tactics based on elements of surprise to overcome the security deployment.

Surprise is achieved by employing a stratagem that is in effect the essence of the operational goal of attack. The stratagem always includes risk taking  and its objective is to act on the opponent’s state of mind, in other words to strike at the point that will instill fear not only as a result of the attack outcome itself but from the position of inferiority in which it finds itself. The object of the stratagem is therefore to put the defender off balance and strike it in this position of inferiority.

The question is what is the most effective course of action the defender/security provider can take against an attacker trying to surprise?

The answer is easy to say but extremely difficult to achieve:

The defender must surprise the attacker.

Surprise can only be achieved if the defender takes a proactive approach, aimed at disrupting the attacker’s first moves in order to foil his plans, to undermine his state of mind, or even to change it.

This defensive proactive approach has been used by several entities in the aviation sector in the past years enabling them to create an effective security deployment. The ability to screen large numbers of the public such as passengers in airports, while at the same time enhancing screening abilities to be able to detect the adversary has become the epicenter of Aviation Security.

We assume that looking for a single element is impossible or at least it will take a tremendous amount of effort so we select a bigger group we define as “High Potential Threat”. This also allows the security deployment to enhance its deterrence by selecting several passengers and not a singular person while at the same time avoiding pitfalls such as claims for discrimination.

The asymmetrical alignment between terrorist attacker and security systems creates an equation that can only be evened establishing a proactive approach. Only a proactive system allows for effective alongside efficient security.

The use of proactive approach requires professionalism and professionalism means constant appropriate recruitment-education-training-maintaining capabilities and innovation.

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Another Great Product From Lotan Group – Coming Soon

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Lotan in the news

The following excerpt was taken from an article published in IsraelDefense Magazine.

 “Aiming to provide professional experience and a broad outlook, the course includes lecturers from a wide range of different fields. One of the experts is Dotan Sagi, CEO of Lotan HLS & Defense. Sagi’s workshop includes a unique simulation of strategy and decision-making and uses realistic audiovisual aids. The strategic game that his company developed for governments to practice crisis management simulates a scenario in which the participants have to assume roles of different government bodies or defense entities. The goal is, as a group, to solve the crisis as quickly and thoroughly as possible. “This exercise made me more confident to be able to deal with a crisis scenario in the case of it actually happening in my country. It was an eye-opening learning experience”, says Joao Miguel, a senior official from Angola.”


The full article can be found at: http://www.israeldefense.co.il/en/content/learning-israels-experience


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Sécurité gestion de grands événements sportifs

soccer-field-bgLes principes de sécurité et leur mise en place lors des matches imposent une organisation complexe et très précise entre tous les ”acteurs” principaux qui gèrent l’évènement. Il est important d’entrainer tous les intervenants à tout moment pour qu’ils soient préparés à faire face à ce qui les attend et aux scénarios d’urgence prévisibles. Ils pourront ainsi fournir des solutions rapides et professionnelles dans les plus brefs délais possibles.

Cellule de commandement et de contrôle

Un des éléments les plus importants dans la gestion et le commandement des forces sur le terrain consiste dans l’existence d’une cellule de commandement et de contrôle qui comprend toutes les informations requises afin d’organiser la sécurité au cours des jeux. Pour toute installation correspondant à un important volume d’opérations intégrant un grand nombre de forces en présence, une cellule de commandement sera créée afin de diriger les forces sur le terrain en temps réel. Au-delà des cellules de commandement ponctuelles, une cellule de commandement central sera créée afin de réaliser l’intégration de toutes les opérations et des informations, pour mobiliser les forces en fonction des besoins et selon la situation existante. Dans cette cellule comme dans les cellules ponctuelles, des représentants de toutes les forces de sécurité en présence seront présents, ces derniers étant en mesure de fournir une réponse en temps réel aux évènements qui se déroulent sur le terrain. Cette cellule permettra de traiter les cas d’urgence avec les intervenants qui s’y trouvent, de manière coordonnée et synchronisée avec les autres intervenants, afin de permettre la fin de traitement dans les meilleures conditions possibles.

 Renseignements généraux

Les renseignements ont une importance particulièrement grande afin de comprendre ce qui se passe sur le terrain, et afin de recueillir des informations sur les attentats qui se préparent ou sur les attaques qui se préparent. Le recueil d’informations pourra se faire de différentes manières par le personnel chargé des renseignements, grâce à des moyens technologiques, ou même par de simples citoyens. A cet effet, une organisation particulière avec les services des renseignements sera réalisée en améliorant (s’il le faut) et en les préparant au recueil des données pertinentes pour la période des jeux.

La préparation de services de renseignements devra se faire quelques mois avant le début des jeux afin de construire une infrastructure suffisamment solide permettant le transfert des informations requises avant et au cours des jeux.

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