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Strategic Gaming

In an ever changing world, organizations must respond quickly and effectively to its challenges in order to survive. They must be able to: Predict the meaning of future challenges. Develop comprehensive response practices and procedures. Examine the quality of preparedness. … Continue reading

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Wishing our Friends in China a Happy New Year of The Horse

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When Will the First “Dirty-Bomb” Explode?

written by Itay Levin & Dotan Sagi Looking at the chain of events in the past few years, we find ourselves asking many questions: Can we predict the adversary M.O? Will the Sochi winter Olympic Games be bloody? When will … Continue reading

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Will the “Black-Widows” deliver a gift for Sochi’s winter Olympic Games And will it contain Radiological Components?

Volgograd, formerly known as the city of Stalingrad has been attacked twice in 48 hours and it is a city in a state of shock. It is believed, that an extremist Islamic group is responsible for the two attacks. The … Continue reading

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