War Gaming Simulation together with GIMI

Lotan Group is proud to announce the completion of another Strategic Decision Making Simulation using our computerized “BeST” system (Be-Strategic.solutions).Simulating For Perfection

The simulation was held by the Galilee International management institute in the North of Israel as part of the annual courses in national Security and Mass Crisis Management.

The simulation dealing with the management of a National Disaster Crisis included 30 students from the National Security and Crisis and Mass Disaster Management courses been held at the time.

The full day simulation was considered a great success by all participants  as can be seen in the following testimonials

  • “Excellent learning experience because it taught us how to make a decision in uncertain situation in stressful time”
  • ” the war gaming was replicating real pressure on individual and understanding that during emergence there are a lot of agencies involves and stakeholder need to interact with each other”
  • ” Brilliant way of understanding the reality of managing a conflict through a war gaming”
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