Preparing for Active Shooter scenarios, Cyber Attacks and Natural Disasters

It’s been a busy month at BeST headquarters, with 4 war-Games and Tabletop exercises taking place.

More than 110 participants in 4 events dealt with a variety of dilemmas ranging fromdownload (1)active shooter scenarios, Crisis management for a large corporation following a cyber-attack and national disaster management following a natural disaster.

Quite a few lessons were learned from these games as can be seen in the following bullets:

  1. Dealing with the formal media outlets and social media while managing a crisis
  2. Information sharing during the crisis
  3. Situational analysis and understanding the threats

Many comments were repeated during the de-briefings and hot wash; mainly that the use of

an analytical tool to graphically reflect the decision making process presented a fresh and new way to enhance the organizations operational preparedness for their next crisis, while the turnaround time for preparation and summary report was short providing an additional benefit in ROI.

For more details on using BeST for your next War-game or Tabletop exercise; please contact us at

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