Are we prepared for the next Crimea or Flight MH370?

The passing week has been very eventful and presses forward many questions on both these events.  Many a strategist will appear in the media on one of these events with his/her analysis and maybe they will even be right…

But the real question that needs to be answered is, “Are We Prepared”?  Have we been able to prepare ourselves for the unpredictable chain of events that will next rock our world? Have we used the times of calm and routine operations to analyze and predict our reactions to the unpredictable chain of events that may happen next?

We all know that in a world were risk management has become the epicenter of our operations we cannot prepare ourselves for each and every scenario and yet the effects of these unpredicted events can cripple us.

For some time we have been seeing  that implementing a multiplayer role-based approach where the main focal point of the system is not an exact image of the “battlefield and its players”, but rather, creating a dynamic environment, completely flexible, allowing Strategic Scenarios and sustaining processes of thinking and planning in relation to them. This concept is based on the approaches and methodologies of role-playing games (Role Play) and War Games (War Gaming).

Many organizations be they commercial, financial or even governmental have started to use this approach in order to Predict future challenges, Develop new procedures, Examine preparedness, Train & Practice their organizations and Examine new concepts & strategies.

The approach allows organizations to simulate events thus test their preparedness (be it new competition, product recall, safety event, terror attack or even internal unrest) in a “safe” environment thus we see a new aspect of Risk Management or as managers have started to say “The Future of Risk Management is Present

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